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Business Ceramic

Apa dia Business Ceramic Club ?

Elkanah Guan (Kuching / Sarawak)
Selamat bersua dalam Ceramic Business. Konsep ringkas, mudah dan selamat membuatkan saya amat tertarik dengan “Ceramic Business Club”. Mengapa? Jawapan Seperti dibawah:-
  1. Modal TETAP.
  2. Income BERGANDA dan TETAP setiap BULAN.
  3. SELAMAT! Tanpa RISIKO! kerana modal dengan untung ditangan anda. andalah yang menentukan segalanya.
  4. TIDAK perlu cari pembeli.
  5. TIDAK perlu menjual BARANG!
  6. PERCUMA! GIANT VOUCHER & PARKSON VOUCHER(Lengkap 4 resit berturut-turut atau selama 4 bulan berturut-turut).
  7. Berkonsepkan FRANCHISE system seperti KFC, Mc’D,Pizza Hut & lain-lain lagi.
  8. Menggunakan kaedah SELLBACK POLICY.
  9. INSURANS KHAIRAT atau kematian disediakan jika ada ahli yang meninggal dunia.
  10. Mendapat Anugerah “Excellent Brand” pada 20th July 2008 dalam “7th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneurs” di Golden Horses Hotel, KL. (Sila rujuk suratkhabar pada 20 Julai 2008 mukasurat M12 dan ditayangkan dalam news NTV7).
Saya PASTI YAKIN masalah kewangan anda dapat diselesaikan. Semoga anda juga berjaya seperti saya dan yang lain. Berminat? Sila hubungi saya 012-6332038 bila bila masa atau email

CBC Fun & Fiesta 2008 - A Famosa Malacca

A Famosa Malacca (23 - 24 August 2008).

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Friday July 25, 2008

Recognition for 44 entrepreneurs


A total of 44 entrepreneurs received due recognition for their outstanding performance at the 7th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2008, held last Sunday at the Palace of the Golden Horses.

Organised by Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia and supported by 17 organisations in the region, the award presentation was aimed at paying tribute to entrepreneurs who have achieved excellence in their respective industries and have contributed to the economic growth of the country.

It received more than 580 nominations this year, which is the highest in its history.

There were five categories namely Excellence Leadership, Excellence Product, Excellence Brand, Excellence Service Quality and Excellence Emerging Entrepreneur.

Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Chuan, who officiated at the presentation ceremony, said the impact of globalisation and trade liberalisation on the world economy underscored the need for entrepreneurs to become more resilient and competitive.

“Entrepreneurs should no longer benchmark their performances against domestic competitors, but against global entrepreneurs and competitors,” he said.

He said the government was well aware of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and was committed to provide assistance.

“We have formulated industrial policies, strategies and programmes to promote the resilience and long-term competitiveness of enterprises. We will continue to provide both administrative support and financial assistance particularly to enhance the competitiveness of the entrepreneurs,” he said.

He commended the award presentation as a much-needed encouragement for entrepreneurs to strive for excellence.

Organising chairman Dr Albert Tan said the award presentation had grown by leaps and bounds with the support from various city halls in China, business associations and media groups.

“The award presentation has become the biggest international business award presentation in Malaysia, and one of the most represented and recognised in the region,” he said, adding that the award presentation has gained significant recognition due to its stringent process in selecting the winners.

He explained that leadership, business development, human resource planning, organisational development, and financial and operational results were among the criteria.

In the past six years, more than 200 entrepreneurs from various industries had received the award, he added.

The 7th. Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2008

CONGRATULATION TO ALL AWARD WINNERS ! 44 winners from 585 nomination Excellence Brand - 11winners Excellece Product - 4 winners Excellece Leadership - 12 winners Excellence Service Quality - 10 winners Excellece Emerging Entrepreneur - 7 winners

Winners Meeting
20th July 2008 (Sunday)
Time :
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Venue :
Palace of The Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Award Presentation
20th July 2008 (Sunday)
Time :
4:00pm - 10:00pm
Venue :
Royal Ballroom, Palace of The Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Star Newspaper, Template on 20 July 2008 & Live NTV7

Award Definition and Selection Criteria

Excellence Brand This is bestowed to entrepreneurs who have successfully created a strong and positive image for their brand on the company, product or services. Their brand are not only well-accepted but must have strong top-of-the-mind recall among consumers Nominess should have achieved a high degree and instant brand recognition by the general public.

  • This Award Presentation is organised in response to the government's support for industrial development and advancement, by encouraging industrial participation and networking in order to increase competitiveness and subsequently move towards an era of globalization.
  • The Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia hopes to feature substantially strong and stable businesses in the market, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society. Their leadership will serve as role models and subsequently lead to the development of an "Asia Pacific Excellent Entrepreneurs Community". This could improve the industry's overall image, and furthermore encourage other enterprises to actively participate in this area, to accept changes and innovate, and to establish competitive advantages in order to embrace the challenges posed by the electronic era.
  • Having this Award Presentation will help to enhance and develop opportunities for communication and interaction between local and foreign enterprises. It also creates opportunities for industries to learn and emulate from each other, forming more joint co-operations so as to contribute more significantly towards the economic development of the Asia Pacific Region.
Excellence Leadership

Company Name
Entrepreneur's Name
Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. Dato Ir. Zahri Abdul Ghani
Blue Power Sdn. Bhd. Datuk Choo Chee Keong
Ceva Freight Holdings (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Michael Yip Nine Guan
Emerald Capital Development Sdn. Bhd. Mr. James Ong Li-Ming
Idaman Pharma Sdn. Bhd. Puan Farshila Emran
Lin Yuan Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Lin Ke Yang
Lonson Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Low Boon Chye,JP

Mr. Doni Low Yong Fei
Orimicro Alloys Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Chih Tsung Liang
Saloon Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Yap Foo Seong

Ms. Ng Siok Teng
Sarjana Jaya Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Lee Wee Teck
Sin Wah Thong Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Tan Khek Oon
Taipei Food Products Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Sim Kai Hong

Excellence Brand

Company Name
Entrepreneur's Name
Alfo Group Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Alfo Chong Thiam Fook
Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Steven Leong Guan Yeu

Mr. Steve Lim
Big Apple Interasia Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Chan Uai Kan
Bright Management Services Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Tan Wei Keong
Conforer Global Sdn. Bhd. Dr. Allan Kok Kim Hing
Emerald Capital Development Sdn. Bhd. Dato' Gillian Teh.
Imal Global Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Leow Hjun Hoe
Lonson Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Tee Leong Seng

Ms. Yu Yunn Fen
Natural Health Farm Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. Dr. Jessie Chung
Special Impression Sdn. Bhd. Ms. Stella Lim Bee Choo

Ms. Rachel Chan Mei Kwan
Travel For All Sdn. Bhd. Ms. Sharon Tang

Excellence Service Quality

Company Name
Entrepreneur's Name
Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. Dato' Ir. Zahri Abdul Ghani
Ban Lee Hin Engineering & Construction Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Looi Chee Hong
BPNP Konsortium Sdn. Bhd. Brigadier Jeneral (B) Datuk Mazlan Bin Baharuddin JP
Ceva Freight Holdings (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Michael Yip Nine Guan
GCH Retail (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Ho Mun Hao
Golden Arches Restaurants Sdn. Bhd. Encik Azmir Bin Jaafar
Idaman Pharma Sdn. Bhd. Puan Farshila Emran
Jinho Global Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Francis Ng

Ms. Michelle Lim
Lonson Enterprise (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Marcus Tee Lam King

Ms. Christabell Low Chui Peng
Pusat Tuisyen Sri Kembangan Mr. Eng Hock Yeong

Ms. Wong Soo Ann

Excellence Product

Company Name
Entrepreneur's Name
CSI Fund Investment Ltd S.A. YM Raja Izan B Raja Said Abidin
Lin Yuan Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Lin Ke Yang
Peck Seong Realty Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Ker Soon Yong
Synhz Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Yap Pit Yong

Excellence Emerging Entrepreneur

Ir. Joseph Heng NTV7 News 20 July 2008 9.30pm video

Company Name
Entrepreneur's Name
CSI Fund Investment Ltd S.A. YM Raja Izan B Raja Said Abidin
Dynasty Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. Dr. Chong Man Tung
Imal Global Sdn. Bhd. Mr. Leow Hjun Hoe
Math Monkey (M) Sdn. Bhd. Ms. Foong Heng Khaye
Nutrition Matters Sdn Bhd. Mr. Yeap Keng Hooi, MBA
S & N International Pte. Ltd. Ms. Lim Swee Geik
Ir. Joseph Heng
NTV7 Special on 17 July 2008 1.30pm video

Genting Fellowship Gathering 2008

Behind the Scenes Congratulation to those who selected during the promotion to Genting Highlands 2day 1nights. Congratulations once more for your hardwork and commitment held on 19th - 20th July 2008.

7th Asia Pacific International Enterprenuer Excellence Awards 2008

Congratulations "Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd" for won the "Excellent Brand" held at Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur on 20th July 2008. Herewith some of memoriable pictures:

Apakah itu Ceramic Franchise?

Konsep Perniagaan Franchise

Konsep perniagaan yang dibawa oleh Asia Ceramic Marketing adalah konsep perniagaan secara trading dan franchise. Konsep perniagaan ini berbeza dengan sistem MLM yang mementingkan penjualan produk, ataupun Investment program yang memberikan kadar keuntungan tetap dalam masa tertentu. Sila fahami terlebih dahulu bagaimana sistem ini berfungsi dan memberikan keuntungan kepada agen2nya dengan merujuk kepada penerangan di bawah:


“The CeramicClub Sell Back Franchise System”

adalah kata nama lain untuk Pakej Booster.

Pakej ini begitu unik dan satu-satunya konsep

perniagaan di pasaran sekarang.

Apakah keunikan sistem Franchise?

Sila fahami dalam gambar di bawah ini:


Inilah kelebihan sistem franchise! Syarikat

yang membuat kerja untuk anda, dari

segi pemasaran, promosi, penjualan barang,

pengeluaran dsb. Anda sebagai distributor

hanya membuat “sales”@(penajaan) apabila

ada customer yg berminat untuk

“membeli produk”@(menjadi distributor)

daripada anda. Sila lihat contoh sistem

franchise yg begitu berjaya di dunia:


KFC boleh berjaya dengan sistem franchise

yang digunakan oleh mereka! Jadi ini adalah

peluang untuk anda. Sila lihat pakej-pakej

Franchise system dan konsep perniagaan

yang ditawarkan oleh Ceramic Business Club

melalui gambar-gambar di bawah ini:


Anda bebas membuat pilihan dengan

memilih mana-mana pakej produk di

atas. Setiap pakej telah ditetapkan produk

tersebut. Sebaik sahaja membuat pembelian,

anda akan diberikan 2 pilihan:


Jika anda bersetuju menyertai “Sell Back

Franchise System”, anda dikehendaki mengisi

borang akad jual beli bagi mengesahkan

penyertaan anda. Dengan menandatangani

borang jual beli tersebut, maka anda telah

bersetuju untuk mematuhi Terma & Syarat

yang telah ditetapkan oleh Asia Ceramic

Marketing. Syarikat telah menetapkan harga

jualan bagi produk-produk tersebut.

Sila lihat dalam gambar di bawah:


Asia Ceramic Marketing akan membuat

pembayaran kepada anda dalam bentuk cek,

sebaik sahaja pendaftaran berjaya. Cek tersebut

akan diberikan secara terus kepada anda sama

ada melalui kaedah pos atau secara by hand

melalui leader & roadshow yang dijalankan.

Kaedah pembayaran adalah secara bertangguh

/installment atau dalam Islam dipanggil

istilah Akad Bai’ Tawarruq. Kaedah pembayaran

ini adalah HALAL dan tidak menjadi kesalahan

dalam proses urusniaga ini. Sila lihat penerangan

melalui gambar di bawah ini:


Cek akan dikeluarkan sebaik sahaja anda

mendaftar dan cek tersebut hanya boleh

ditunaikan oleh anda sebaik sahaja mencapai

tarikh matang@tarikh pada cek tersebut.

Sila lihat contoh di bawah:

Ex: Encik Kasmani telah menyertai/membeli

Pakej Booster C RM3800.00 pada 2/2/2008.

Beliau menerima 3 keping cek RM1500

dan kesemuanya bernilai RM4500.00

dengan keuntungan yang diperolehnya adalah

sebanyak RM700.00. Cek yang diterimanya

adalah bertarikh pada 2/3/2008, 2/4/2008

dan 2/5/2008. Sila lihat SS cek beliau di bawah ini:


Contact Me NOW!!! 012-6332038
Selamat Datang
Memperkenalkan CeramicBusinessClub. Ganjaran berkali ganda.

Dengan hanya Rm 155.00 anda layak memiliki:

** Bonus Insentif dari Referral Programme.

** Bonus Insentif Perkongsian KeuntunganSyarikat dari Program IPS.

** Bonus Insentif Perkongsian Keuntungan dari Program PS.

** Bonus Insentif Overriding dari Pendapatan Ahli yang ditaja.

** Bonus Program E-shopping. Seperti Produk Ceramik, Voucher Giant, KFC & Pizza Hut, telekomunikasi.

** Pakej Pelancongan serata tempat.

Paling meletop, program terhebat, tanpa menaja orang, tetap dapat bonus.

** Sell Back Policy Programme.

Sudah terbukti...

Hanya 11 MINGGU Join Ceramic Business Club,

Sudah Dapat Bonus Sebanyak:

RM 41,979.90

Minggu 1 (23 Mac - 29 Mac 2008)

Minggu 2, 3, 4 & 5 (30 Mac - 27 April 2008)

Minggu 6, 7, 8 & 9 (28 April - 25 Mei 2008)

Minggu 10 & 11 (26 Mei - 8 Jun 2008)

Sila Lihat Potensi Pendapatan Yang Bakal Diraih Anda SekiranyaMenyertai Kami.

Pendapatan sebegini bakal diperoleh oleh anda SETIAP BULAN melalui kaedah re-purchase Booster oleh downline-downline anda.


Kami tidak terlibat dalam menganjurkan atau mempromosikan sebarang aktiviti yang melibatkan SKIM CEPAT KAYA, SKIM PIRAMID, SKIM PELABURAN INTERNET, MONEY GAME dan sebagainya.

Sertai Kami Sekarang! Kalau Nak Jadi Jutawan!!

Bukankah Ini Peluang Yang Hebat ?

Jika Anda Memilih Jawapan Ya,

Andalah Yang Kami Cari !!

Sila dail ke 012-6332038 (Elkanah)

Gallery Ceramic Vantage


Gallery (Nona 1)

video Gallery (Nona 2) video Silalah hubungi saya Elkanah 012-6332038 untuk temujanji!

Ceramic Marketing Concept

..Konsep Perniagaan..

NOTIS: Ceramic Business Club adalah Perniagaan Trading & Franchise produk Ceramic keluaran Vantage dan turut menawarkan satu Program Keahlian Privilege kepada semua Distributor yang mendaftar. JANGAN sesekali menyamakan Ceramic Business Club ini dengan Bisnes MLM, Skim Cepat Kaya, Skim Piramid, Skim Pelaburan Internet, Investment % dan sebagainya. Ceramic Business Club adalah perniagaan trading berdaftar dan mempunyai produknya sendiri. Sila fahami terlebih dahulu konsep perniagaan Ceramic Business Club ini seperti yang dijelaskan dengan gambar di bawah ini sebelum anda membuat sebarang andaian negatif!

Bukankah Ini Peluang Hebat ?

Jika Anda Memilih Jawapan Ya,

Andalah Yang Kami Cari !!

Contact: 012-6332038 Elkanah

Ceramic Company

Company Profile

.:: Mengenai Ceramic Business Club ::. Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd (780794-T) is a trading and e-commerce company that produces compositions of ceramic and pottery products.

With the emergence of e-commerce, we magnify

the use of electronic communications and digital information

processing technology in business transactions to create,

transform, and redefine relationships for value creation

between our Company and our Distributors.

With this, we include the following components: A corporate website with e-commerce capabilities

i.e; a secure transaction server;

A corporate intranet so that orders are processed in an efficient manner and

IT-literate employees to manage the information

flow and maintain the e-commerce system. Thus, we bring not only the finest pieces of art

work to today’s world but

also provide business opportunities to the society.

Anchored with the experience and essentials of

the ceramic world, we have established the

Ceramic Business Club (CBC).

CBC is Asia Ceramic Marketing’s house brand

that utilizes the company’s e-commerce platform.

Since its incorporation in 2007, the CBC network

represents a beneficial partnership of enthusiastic

independent distributors. As such, the remarkable

CBC strategy enables a distributor to accrue

abundance of contentment.

.:: Our Mission ::.

Asia Ceramic upholds its core values of:

Quality We set high standards and offer value to our customers

and distributors by providing them with high quality

ceramic products and an extraordinary service at

a fair price. We define quality by evaluating the

ceramic materials used in our products.

In our pursuit for excellence, we have a passion

for continual quality improvement to create

new value by aiming high, demonstrating a

pioneering spirit, and consistently striving

for greater achievements.

Integrity Integrity is our hallmark of wholeness, personally

and professionally. We earn our reputation by

adhering to the highest ethical standards and

conduct as we work consciously to uphold

trustworthiness and business ethics to

meet the needs of those we serve. We place fairness, honesty, and objectivity at

the forefront as we assess our own policies,

practices, and behaviors to ensure that

we make credible the actions taken to

enhance quality improvement in both our

brand value and promise to all our stakeholders. Respect At Asia Ceramic we are committed to a diverse

workplace that respects and values all of the unique

characteristics of our employees, stakeholders and

the community we operate in. We recognize that

diversity is an asset that improves working

relationships and productivity.

Respect for each other and warmly embracing these differences is the basis of our collaborative success. We seek to discover the extraordinary in each other to enable us to attract and retain the highest caliber people to meet and surpass corporate goals. Passion With passion in our hearts, we endeavor to serve our customers competently, efficiently and knowledgeably. Being passionate inspire us to constantly create new value for the organization's stakeholders and keep us focused on leading the organization to new dimensions of performance. Our passion to do well is matched by our desire to do good. We believe the best way to achieve those parallel goals is to harmoniously align our business and global citizenship strategies. We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth while always welcoming change as an opportunity for improvement.

.:: Business Plan ::.

In today's business world, we are looking into

the scope of one world; where there are no borders

between businesses especially in the industry

of e-commerce. .Today's rapid globalization and

emergence of the knowledge-based economy

has brought with it a host of new challenges

and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In addition, many companies in developed countries

are successful in their business by providing

additional rewards to their customers such as

privilege membership programme. Ceramic Business Club is Asia Ceramic's house

brand in the e-commerce industry. We mainly

focus in the business of distributor's reconsumption,

business profit sharing rewards for loyalty

members and rewards in purchasing products.

Ceramic Business Club is an e-commerce platform that is fully owned by Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd
Ceramic Business Club (Membership with membership card)

* Membership's Privileges: (Business Profit Sharing Rewards Programme) 1) Incentive rewards from Referral Programme 2) Profit Sharing rewards from IPS Programme 3) Profit Sharing rewards from PS Programme 4) Overriding Incentive rewards from referral

'smembers income

5) Leadership Incentive rewards from members

group sale 6) E-shopping Rewards Programme

(e.g. Ceramic products, Giant Vouchers,

KFC & Pizza Hut Vouchers, telecommunication

products, collection items and others merchants products) 7) Qualify for Sell-Back Policy Programme 8) Special arrangements for Travelling Package * More privilege rewards in the near future: • (Auto renew) P.A. group insurance • Profit Sharing Programme in Ceramic Café chain shops • Profit Sharing Programme in Ceramic Store chain shops • Profit Sharing Programme in Taman Ceramic

development's project • Community Caring Programme, i.e a charity aid

programme for distributors’ family. Eg: The lost of a loved one, accident and

education for the less fortunate. • Community Service Programme i.e a

charity aid programme for the general public Eg: Orphanages, old floks Hospitals, etc *Terms and Conditions apply Ceramic Business Club reserves all rights to

modify, change or remove the reward programmes

without any prior notice.

.:: Future Planning ::.

Office and Studio
Office Reception
Ceramic Garden Cafe ( Outside View )
Ceramic Garden Cafe (Inside View)
Ceramic Store (Chain Shop)
Taman Ceramic (Development Plan Overview)
Taman Ceramic (Club House Reception)

Bukankah Ini Peluang Hebat ?

Jika Anda Memilih Jawapan Ya,

Andalah Yang Kami Cari

More about Ceramic Business

"TERBONGKAR Akhirnya! Bagaimana Cara Untuk ANDA buat Duit melalui Perniagaan Francais Dengan "Ceramic Business Club"

Jika selama ini ANDA tercari-cari PELUANG untuk MENJANA PENDAPATAN YANG BERTERUSAN TANPA HENTI DAN KONSISTEN Mengapa Orang Lain Boleh KAYA.. tapi kita sekadar hanya memandang saja ... tapi HARI INI semua orang Boleh Jadi Kaya.. Hanya dengan mencabar DIRI ANDA untuk melihat peluang dalam perniagaan semudah ini.... "Fikirkanlah... Mengapa Kita GAGAL dan Buat macam-macam sebelum ini tapi tidak menjadi... kerana kita kekurangan ilmu dan pengalaman dalam membina perniagaan 'networking" dan takut menghadapi RISIKO. PENDAPATAN ANDA TIDAK SEMESTINYA PERLU ADA PENAJAAN BARU ADA INCOMES... "CERAMIC BUSINESS CLUB" MENJANJIKAN PENDAPATAN ANDA MAINTAIN SETIAP BULAN DAN AKAN TERUS BERGANDA SETIAP BULAN... , pencarian anda berakhir di sini MULAI HARI INI.
Assalamualaikum SILA RUJUK :

NOTIS: Ceramic Business Club adalah Perniagaan Trading & Franchise produk Ceramic keluaran Vantage dan turut menawarkan satu Program Keahlian Privilege kepada semua Distributor yang mendaftar. JANGAN sesekali menyamakan Ceramic Business Club ini dengan Bisnes MLM, Skim Cepat Kaya, Skim Piramid, Skim Pelaburan Internet, Investment % dan sebagainya. Ceramic Business Club adalah perniagaan trading berdaftar dan mempunyai produknya sendiri. Sila fahami terlebih dahulu konsep perniagaan Ceramic Business Club ini seperti yang dijelaskan dengan gambar di bawah ini sebelum anda membuat sebarang andaian negatif! Ceramic Business Club adalah satu Program Keahlian Privilege yang menggunakan Sistem Jual Beli barang secara Trading dan Franchise dalam urusan perniagaannya. Produk Utamanya adalah Barangan Ceramic dan Plan Pemasarannya ialah Booster Plan dan IPS Pool Plan. Syarikat yang mengendalikan Ceramic Business Club ini adalah Asia Ceramic Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd yang beroperasi di Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Pilihan Pakej Produk Booster Yang Ditawarkan Oleh Ceramic Business Club !

Anda boleh menyertai kami di Ceramic Business Club dengan membeli mana-mana Pakej Booster yang mengandungi Produk Ceramic. Anda diberikan 2 pilihan sama ada ingin menjual sendiri produk tersebut (Trading) ataupun meminta syarikat menjualkan untuk anda (Franchise) dengan keuntungan yang telah ditetapkan: Pakej Booster A: RM900 (Booster) + RM35 (Keahlian Privilege Seumur Hidup)

Pakej Booster B: RM1,800 (Booster) + RM35 (Keahlian Privilege Seumur Hidup) Pakej Booster C: RM3,800 (Booster) + RM35 (Keahlian Privilege Seumur Hidup) Apakah Konsep Perniagaan yang dijalankan oleh Ceramic Business Club ini?

Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd merupakan sebuah perniagaan trading produk-produk ceramic keluaran Vantage. Selain menjalankan perniagaan secara trading, syarikat ini memperkenalkan Program Keahlian Privilege melalui sebuah jenama perniagaan yang dipanggil Ceramic Business Club. Melalui program keahlian ini, Ceramic Business Club menawarkan ganjaran dan keuntungan kepada Distributor-distributornya. Setiap Distributor yang mendaftar akan menerima satu kad keahlian Ceramic Business Club dan akan membawa jenama Ceramic Business Club dalam perniagaan mereka.

Konsep ini sama seperti program ganjaran Real Rewards atau Bonuslink yang dianjurkan oleh Petronas dan Shell. Dengan menjadi ahli dan memegang kad ganjaran tersebut, ahli akan menerima ganjaran dan keuntungan berdasarkan pembelian dan kesetiaan ahli tersebut. Jenis-jenis hadiah dan ganjaran yang diberikan adalah bergantung kepada syarikat yang menganjurkannya.

Konsep bisnes ini adalah sama juga dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh Ceramic Business Club. Anda akan menerima kad keahlian Ceramic Business Club dan akan menerima ganjaran dan keuntungan yang anda sahaja sebagai Distributor berpeluang mendapatnya, orang lain yang tidak mendaftar tidak akan memperolehinya. Jenis-jenis keuntungan dan ganjaran yang diberikan adalah tertakluk kepada Ceramic Business Club itu sendiri.

Apakah Ceramic Business Club ini?

Ceramic Business Club adalah Jenama Perniagaan yang dimiliki sepenuhnya oleh sebuah syarikat tempatan iaitu Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd. Beribu pejabat di Taman Connought, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd menerusi jenama Ceramic Business Club menjalankan satu Program Keahlian Privilege dalam memasarkan produk ceramic mereka secara trading. Merupakan salah satu syarikat yang bernaung di bawah Granic Groups of Companies, sebuah syarikat besar yang memonopoli pengeluaran barangan ceramic di Malaysia. Granic Group of Companies mempunyai sebuah kilang pengeluaran ceramic di Petaling Jaya. Anda boleh mendapatkan keterangan mengenai Latar Belakang syarikat ini di

Ceramic Business Club mula dilancarkan pada 7 Julai 2007 dan merupakan sebuah perniagaan berlesen dan berdaftar, serta sah dijalankan mengikut undang-undang. Anda boleh mendapatkan maklumat lanjut mengenai Asia Ceramic Marketing Sdn Bhd di Laman Web

Rasmi Syarikat. Apakah Keistimewaan yang ditawarkan jika saya menjadi Ahli Ceramic Business Club?
Sebagai Distributor yang mendaftar secara rasmi dengan syarikat, Ceramic Business Club menawarkan pelbagai keistimewaan kepada Distributornya dan keistimewaan ini hanya diperolehi oleh Distributor yang mendaftar sahaja.
Keistimewaan pertama adalah setiap Distributor akan diberikan satu Program Kebajikan Community Caring Programme yang lebih dikenali sebagai program Khairat Kematian. Melalui program ini, setiap Distributor yang meninggal dunia akan menerima sumbangan daripada pihak syarikat dan Distributor yang lain. Sumbangan tersebut akan diberikan kepada pewaris mangsa. Selain program khairat kematian CCP untuk setiap Distributor, Ceramic Business Club juga menyediakan satu tabung kebajikan khusus untuk menderma kepada Pertubuhan Kebajikan, NGO dan lain-lain lagi yang dikenali sebagai Community Service Programme.
Ceramic Business Club juga menawarkan pelbagai barangan dan produk yang membolehkan kesemua Distributor menukarkannya dengan mata Shoping Points yang diperolehi daripada bonus yang diterima. Produk dan barangan tersebut meliputi Pakej Pelancongan, Pakej Umrah, Voucher Membeli-belah Giant Hypermarket, Voucher KFC dan Pizza Hut, Aksesori Ceramic Business Club, barangan Ceramic keluaran Vantage dan lain-lain lagi. Pihak syarikat akan menambah beberapa lagi barangan yang lain dalam masa terdekat ini seperti Tiket Penerbangan Air Asia, Telefon Bimbit, Prepaid, MP3, Kamera Digital dan sebagainya yang akan ditambah dari semasa ke semasa.
Selain daripada ganjaran di atas, Ceramic Business Club juga membuka peluang kepada mana-mana Distributornya untuk menyertai program "The CeramicClub Sellback Franchise System". Program ini hanya dibuka kepada Distributor Ceramic Business Club sahaja. Melalui program ini, Distributor akan dilantik menjadi Franchise syarikat dan akan menerima bonus melalui Booster Rewards Bonus. Apakah maksud franchise dan bagaimana keistimewaan tersebut dapat menguntungkan setiap ahlinya? Sila rujuk dalam soalan berikutnya.
Selain ganjaran program di atas, Ceramic Business Club juga menawarkan ganjaran-ganjaran yang lain iaitu International Profit Sharing Pool, iaitu sebuah perkongsian keuntungan bijak melalui pembelian profit sharing dan juga daripada program Franchise di atas. Bagaimanakan Sistem Franchise Ceramic Business Club beroperasi?

Anda ditawarkan dengan 3 pilihan Pakej Booster iaitu Pakej A: RM900, Pakej B: RM1,800 dan Pakej C: RM3,800. Setiap Pakej Booster ini sebenarnya mengandungi pilihan produk tertentu iaitu Pakej A (Tea Set Ceramic), Pakej B (Dinner Set Ceramic) dan Pakej C (Tea Set + Warmer Set + Dinner Set Ceramic).

Untuk Pakej Booster ini, anda diberikan dua pilihan sama ada ingin membeli produk tersebut secara Trading (beli untuk membuat jualan sendiri atau untuk kegunaan sendiri), ataupun anda membelinya secara Franchise (syarikat akan menjualkan produk tersebut untuk anda) sebagai wakil jualan anda melalui program yang dinamakan "The CeramicClub Sell Back Franchise System".

Sekiranya anda membeli secara trading, anda berhak untuk menjualkan produk tersebut pada sebarang harga yang anda suka, dan keuntungan jualan tersebut adalah keuntungan runcit anda. Harga tidak ditetapkan kerana dalam bisnes trading, setiap Distributor berhak menentukan hanga jualannya sendiri.

Sekiranya anda memilih option sell back kepada syarikat, syarikat telah menetapkan harga jualan produk tersebut dan seterusnya membuat pembayaran kepada anda mengikut harga jualan itu. Syarikat membuat pembayaran hasil jualan anda (Modal + Keuntungan) secara ansuran ataupun bertangguh melalui pemberian "post dated cek" sebaik sahaja pendaftaran dilakukan dan tempoh pembayaran adalah bergantung kepada pilihan pakej, Pakej A & B (2 bulan) dan Pakej C (3 bulan). Konsep pembayaran bertangguh ini adalah mengikut Rukun Akad Bai' At-Tawaruuq dan akad ini disahkan HALAL oleh kebanyakan ulama di seluruh dunia termasuk juga Ustaz Zaharuddin yang telah mengupas mengenai akad ini di laman webnya yang popular,

Maklumat Lanjut, sila hubungi :

Edmond 012-6097809/ Edward 012-2723694 /Elkanah 012-6332038

Ceramic Club Net

WWW.CERAMICCLUB.NET contact Edmond H 012-6097809
This business is Unique and a lot of earnings rather than invest. I'll joined this business from my brother inlaw Edmond 012-6097809. Firstly, im just like you all, got type of scary feeling in term of invest our money. we lose our confident with no idea what the company does. Scared of lose money, cheated and precautions.
This is my advice to all out there. Money dint come easily and would go hardly if you make planning. But what we can do....? get more money not to lose money but for better future with happiness. This business not asked you to look more will do. Your job just to bank in the cheque and withdraw it and repurchase the package only. Every month you earn profit with 0 cost. Additional, the company will give giant voucher within 3 months/receipts that you purchased. The value of giant voucher is RM60, 100 and 250 depending on your package that you bought.
1. Package RM900 = Modal (RM1,300) = earnings(RM100) monthly = co. give chq RM1000
2. Package RM1800 = Modal (RM2,600) = earnings (RM200)monthly= co. give chq RM2,000
3. Package RM3800 = Modal (RM6,900) = earnings (RM700) monthly=co. give chq RM4,500
Lets say if you got downline (would be family or friend or others), you will earn 10% from package amounted. This 10% you will get immediate 3 days later. just imagine with more downline you will earn more. I know you confused on package and modal rite? we run package but the modal is for you to rolling in order to earn the earnings by monthly. still dont understand ? means that you wont top-up any numbers of your modal within 3 month and above. its that clear? hope so.
Those who are interested please go to and may call me or my brother inlaw Mr Edmond at 012-6097809 to know more about this business such as business type, locations, investment money, marketing plan, profit earnings per months and days.
Remember, dont quit your current job as this just for your sub income and do not mislead with it.
Basicly, my subincome from this business already RM5K per month even more. Starting i will go 5 then 10 and maybe 3more digit.
Sound Interesting?
Good luck!!!!! dont forget to yumchaa..with me once you are rich then.

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